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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Counseling NJ

Advanced Health and Education’s New Jersey rehab center is located in Eatontown, NJ. Our alcohol and drug rehab center is located less than one hour south of New York City, and is a short, 45-minute drive south of Liberty International Airport, in Newark, NJ. We are located near the beautiful New Jersey coast. Our substance abuse programs offer a customized addiction recovery treatment experience with the luxury and comforts of home.


The New Jersey rehab facilities can coordinate detox treatments for any addictions.   Our certified and accredited staff has successfully helped clients with the following conditions:

Detox and rehab is an individual experience. Each person responds differently to the process, so we coordinate a variety of detox methods to make it as comfortable as possible.

Once the detox process is complete, the real work of rehabilitation can begin. Our addiction recovery programs at the facility in Eatontown NJ are designed to break the chains of substance abuse and help you get your life back on track. These rehabilitation treatments include:

At Advanced Health and Education’ New Jersey rehab center, we recognize that integrating physical health and mental health is essential to the addiction recovery process. Along with the detox methods and rehab treatments listed above, we offer access to a full array of other therapies to stimulate the mind and body during rehabilitation. These therapies include chiropractic services, acupuncture, yoga classes, massage, canine companions, as well as access to exercise classes at a world-class gym.

Otherwise, if you are looking for a rehab center where your privacy is safeguarded, Advanced Health and Education understands and respects that. We offer professional treatment programs that guarantee complete discretion.

3 Corbett Way Eatontown, NJ 07724
(888) 687-6977

Advanced Health & educationCommunity Support Meetings Throughout New Jersey Following Your Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation

Before, during, and after attending our treatment programs, we recommend seeking community support to assist you in your recovery.

If you are looking for a community support meeting to assist you in your addiction recovery, we have created this interactive map to give you locations of Alcoholics Anonymous® and Narcotics Anonymous® meetings throughout New Jersey:

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Service Areas- New Jersey Cities

Howell Township NJTinton Falls NJJamesburg NJ
Point Pleasant Beach NJBrick NJMonroe NJ
Bay Head NJOsbornville NJSomerville NJ
Point Pleasant NJLake Como NJRed Bank NJ
Hillsborough NJSouth Amboy NJBelmar NJ
Englishtown NJLaurence Harbor NJAsbury Park NJ
Manalapan NJMiddletown Township NJInterlaken NJ
Keyport NJJackson Township NJToms River NJ
South Orange NJWall Township NJEdison NJ
Summit NJEast Brunswick Township NJCherry Hill NJ
Hackensack NJWoodbridge NJSouth Plainfield NJ

Service Areas- New Jersey Counties

Atlantic County NJGloucester County NJOcean County NJ
Bergen County NJHudson County NJPassaic County NJ
Burlington County NJHunterdon County NJSalem County NJ
Camden County NJMercer County NJSomerset County NJ
Cape May County NJMiddlesex County NJSussex County NJ
Cumberland County NJMonmouth County NJUnion County NJ
Essex County NJMorris County NJWarren County NJ
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How far is Alcohol rehab NJ located from New York City?
Advanced health and Education is an alcohol drug and substance treatment center located in Eatontown NJ. Our New Jersey treatment center is located less than one hour from New York City, and a short drive from Liberty International Airport in Newark NJ. Call our alcohol or Drug rehab facility NJ At 888 687 6977 for clarifications regarding reaching there. Please take a prior appointment with Alcohol rehab in New Jersey by either calling or mailing us at
Along with the regular treatment methods at Alcohol rehab facility NJ do you have any other therapies to improve overall health?
After admission to the alcohol or Drug rehab NJ the client is given inpatient or outpatient treatment based on their addiction level. Along with that, we offer group sessions, counseling, interactions with peer groups, family sessions, and other therapies like chiropractic, acupuncture, yoga and meditation classes, massage services, as well as a world class gym with all amenities. Enroll at our facility that includes a Heroin Rehab in New Jersey.
What is the admission process for a person struggling with addiction issues at the alcohol or Drug rehab in New Jersey?
The admission process is easy when you work with our admissions coordinator. Just give us a call at 888 687 6977 to the alcohol, drug and Heroin rehab NJ and book an appointment. An interview will be conducted to assess your condition before entering the drug and Alcohol rehab NJ. After the interview the admissions coordinator will assist you with your insurance coverages, explain any other out of the pocket expenses, and address all your concerns, and help in guiding transportation wise also.
How long will I have to stay at the drug and Alcohol rehab in New Jersey to get the path to a sober life?
Being sober for life is a matter of choice at the end of the day. We will guide you, nurture you and show you the path to healthy living and sobriety. You will take what you learn at drug or Alcohol rehab NJ as a way of life. How long you will stay at the alcohol or Drug rehab facility NJ depends on the severity of your addiction. Depending on your needs inpatient treatment or outpatient treatment will be given. An average treatment phase generally lasts from 30-90 days. However an ongoing treatment and aftercare routine can take from months to years.
What are the aftercare plans that you have at the drug or Alcohol rehab in New Jersey?
To maintain sobriety is a lifelong process of will power and choice. After the treatment at the drug or Alcohol rehab facility NJ, you will have several self help options including 12 step groups of Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous meetings throughout New Jersey; sober living homes that help you keeping away from outside distractions and concentrate solely on recovery; sober life coaches who offer guidance tips and tricks to stay away from the addictive substance and peer groups from the alcohol or Drug rehab NJ that help you on your journey towards the goal of lifelong sobriety.
What factors determine the treatment for patients suffering from addiction at the Heroin Rehab in New Jersey?
We at the Drug rehab in New Jersey feel that every condition that comes here is unique and be treated differently. The causes of addiction differ and include environment, physical and mental situations, financial status, duration of addiction, family status, work environment, genetic inclination towards addiction and all these factors make one patient different from the other at Heroin rehab NJ.
What are the various addiction issues that you treat at the drug and Alcohol rehab NJ?
Advanced Health and Educations drug and Alcohol rehab in New Jersey helps people with addiction issues that include alcohol, drugs and other substance abuse cases. There are a number of drug abuse cases we treat here at the drug or Alcohol rehab NJ like cocaine addiction, heroin addiction, marijuana addiction, painkiller addiction, prescription drug abuse and addiction, opiate abuse and addiction, and crack addiction.
Is there a detox facility available at the alcohol or Drug rehab facility NJ?
Yes a medically managed detox service is available here at the drug or Alcohol rehab in New Jersey to help you pass through the withdrawal stages of addiction. We have methadone detox, opiate/opiods detox, Buprenorphine detox, Suboxone detox; Subutex detox methods available with us here at the drug or Alcohol rehab facility NJ. It is combined with behavioral therapies and other holistic ways of life improvement methods that guarantee addiction free life later.
Addiction destroys social, physical and mental life; will I get my life back after the treatment at Heroin Rehab in New Jersey?
We at Drug rehab NJ understand the damage that addiction can bring to ones family, work, social life and overall physical and mental health. While physical, mental health and addiction issues are taken care of by our medical team, behavior therapies, counseling sessions, financial aids and other legal hassles are taken care of by our team of guidance experts from the start. Heroin rehab NJ knows that these issues too need to be settled so that reasons that gave birth to addiction do not cause relapse in a patient later.
What are the costs at the alcohol or Drug rehab in New Jersey?
Nothing is more rewarding than to see the smile on your loved ones face return once you are fully cured of addiction issues. However, we at the drug and Alcohol rehab in New Jersey understand that financial issues can be stumbling blocks for those who are in need. Our admissions expert at Drug and Alcohol rehab NJ will guide you validate your insurance coverage and also discuss any out of pocket expenses. While some substance abuse treatments can be costly, others can be free or done at a nominal expense. We also have federal and charitable aid for those who cannot pay l. Contact us for better evaluation of your finances and get a kick start on the road of recovery.