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Young Man Exhibiting the Benefits of Art Therapy
By: The Benefits of Art Therapy

There is more than one way to skin a cat and the advent of art therapy in psychotherapy sessions has proven this adage to be true. Art therapy, though new as an official practice, can be traced back many centuries, in various cultures, and has found a home in substance abuse programs. It seeks to tap into one’s creative side and has been found to have a domino effect of advantages.

Benefits of Art Therapy

Icebreaker: Art therapy is a very good icebreaker. Patients may not find it easy to share their inner most feelings. Providing a new medium may make it easier for them to share and let their counselor in to begin to help them.

Self-esteem and mood improvement: Being responsible for creating and completing various works of art can be a very good booster for one’s self-esteem. Low self-esteem is a common risk factor for addictions, so this would directly help to address that. One of the benefits of art therapy is that reminiscent thoughts of childhood may appear, assisting in the happiness and contentment that may be garnered from the experience.

Emotional growth: Especially when new to art, exploring the inner workings of one’s psyche via a new medium can bring forth many revelations. Some may be hard to face, but ignorance is certainly not bliss, so now you can work out how to proceed with your counselor.

Art therapy is a pure, raw way to address mental and emotional distress, especially that which comes from and causes substance abuse. There are many options which explore the benefits of art therapy. Ensure that you explore them all, to find the one most tailored to your needs.

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