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By: Detox: A More Optimistic Approach

The first step of overcoming an addiction – detoxification – is considered the hardest, and as such, acts as a deterrent for anyone who may remotely consider recovery. The traditional method of a medically assisted detox program is grueling, with oral medication being administered to help ease the withdrawal symptoms. As bad as this experience is, it is even worse when someone attempts to purge without medication. In some cases, the unsupervised symptoms may cost someone his/her life.

Luckily, the introduction of IV-based therapy limits the discomfort which usually accompanies detoxing. Intravenously supplying the medication eliminates the delay which inevitably occurs when the medication is administered orally. Intravenous medication is injected straight into the bloodstream, whereas oral medication has to be digested before it has an effect. There is also the possibility of one regurgitating the medication, this limiting their effects and making it hard to judge its efficacy.

Medically supervised detoxification limits the room for error, which is lessened even further with the use of IV-based methods. Reassess the fear you may feel, and consider making that first step to getting clean.

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