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By: Don’t Cause Your Own Recession

The stereotype persists that unemployment is a good breeding ground for the abuse of alcohol and other substances. Why then is the rate of alcohol abuse increasing among the population of employed people?

Why drink?

The recession of 2008 had many devastating socioeconomic effects, but one, which may have been overlooked, is the increase in the rate of alcoholism. Having a job does not eliminate anxiety. There may be constant thoughts roaming in your head, such as wondering if you’ll still have your job tomorrow. Not knowing what the future may hold is a great stressor, which could lead to the bottom of the bottle.

Having a job means having responsibilities, many of which seemed to have been heightened with the recession. People were forced to leave their jobs, thus making the workload for those remaining that much more intense. Employees must learn to strike a balance between their professional life and their personal life. This can easily be too much for one person to manage, making drug and alcohol rehab for professionals a necessity.

Effects of alcoholism in the workplace and combating them

Aside from the physical and mental debilitation, alcoholism most likely will make employees less productive, decrease efficiency and increase absenteeism. This may work against them, bringing to life their very fear of losing their jobs. It would be beneficial for an employer to have a mental health professional team on retainer for their employees’ disposal. They may opt to schedule their sessions privately. Either way, it is important to encourage a healthy way to deal with their various stressors. Prevention is better than a cure. In the event of extreme stress, before they have the chance to run to the neighborhood bar, they might think twice and have a therapy session instead. Talk therapy is often referred to as psychotherapy and has proven to be a very effective alcoholism treatment, not only for those diagnosed with an illness but also for daily coping. The aim is to be better than you were yesterday.

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