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Woman Wondering How to Stop Cravings
By: The Dilated Eyed Monster Called Cravings

The hardest part of the road to recovery is, well, staying sober. It will no doubt be an incredible challenge with those cravings lurking in the not so distant shadows. They’re next to inevitable, but there are ways of coping, to maintain the sobriety that you deserve.

What Are Cravings?

Cravings are by-products of addictions. They are the main hindrance in achieving sobriety. They appear without warning as a sharp desire to get the drug of choice, once its usual intake has been lessened, or eliminated.

How to Stop Cravings

Avoid triggers: While abusing drugs, there are certain patterns that may have developed. In recovery, learning how to stop cravings is pertinent – flip the script. Limit the temptation you may face by changing all that may be directly tied to your past addiction, while still maintaining a certain balance in your life.

Accountability: It would be a great feat if you were to go along this road alone, and stay there, but there is no shame in accepting help in learning how to stop cravings. It is actually recommended to have a group of people you can turn to for support. It is important that these chosen people are sober themselves. It would be helpful to include a mental health care professional, or religious leader, as you see fit.

Acclimatize to the cravings: It is hardly a matter of if, but rather, when. Accept the fact that with ceasing substance abuse, cravings will come rushing. The question is if you’ll learn how to stop cravings. Have contingencies in place for when they arise such as picking up a hobby, calling a friend, etc., to help you until the feeling passes. Denying their existence may just act as stressor within itself.

The recovery journey is a lifelong process, and progress occurs daily. Ensuring that the rest of your life is on track may ease the burden. Set goals and aim to make yourself better each day. This within itself could be a distraction for those pesky cravings. Setbacks can happen, but once you dust yourself off and get back on track, it cannot be seen as a failure.

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