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Completing a substance addiction treatment program at Advanced Health & Education is a great achievement, but your recovery journey doesn’t end there.

An aftercare program that begins right after leaving the rehab gives you support to sustain your recovery as you transition from treatment to a new lifestyle. Many people suffering from substance addiction do not have access to a proper aftercare program upon leaving other rehabilitation centers. As a result, they find it extremely challenging to return to their life and implement the tools they were taught in residential treatment.

Recovery is a Process

Sustained recovery from addiction requires time and patience. Individuals struggling with addiction often need ongoing recovery support to avoid relapse. A follow-up aftercare program helps clients apply the coping mechanisms developed in treatment in a safe, nurturing environment.

The Advanced Health & Education aftercare program seeks to connect those battling addiction to individual therapy, and group sessions. Plus, the programs make sure that the family members are involved throughout as a sign of solidarity and support to the addicted. That helps to fast-track the recovery and to ensure it’s long-lasting.

Your Responsibility in the Addiction Recovery Process

While many rehabilitation centers will do something in the form of an aftercare program, most don’t go into details.  At Advanced Health & Education, we offer an aftercare program to combat relapse. By taking what you have learned from your time in our recovery center, and using that to continually increase your ability to stay sober, we offer a top quality aftercare program.  This is why our clients have such a high success rate with our treatment programs.

An Aftercare Program is Paramount

Most individuals who complete other treatment facilities might insist on coming up with their aftercare program, and even keep the family and friends in the dark. They perceive the involvement of other parties as an infringement into their privacy. It pays to have some contacts that you can reach out to on discovering signs of a possible relapse when you, a friend or family member is struggling with a relapse. This stage is an integral part of the aftercare program and contributes massively towards complete recovery. Recovery from addiction to sobriety is a journey that demands the support of friends, family, therapists, and counselors to help prevent a relapse.

The complexity and frustrating nature of addiction call for an all-inclusive effective aftercare program. It’s the surest way to ensuring that those struggling with addiction, recover from substance abuse, do not relapse, re-establish their broken relationships and find meaning in life once again.

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