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Our Effective Therapy Options

When looking for addiction treatment for you or a loved one, the type of therapy pays a large roll in success. 

Alcohol & Drug Intervention

Addiction tears apart families and tests friendships. Those who suffer from drug or alcohol abuse often push away the people in their social networks that care and want to help. What can you do if you see someone you care about needing help to become sober? We hope you consider contacting us to learn how an addiction interventionist may help.

As their name implies, interventionists get involved to help those needing treatment find the best way to confront their addictions. They intervene in ways that take into account the needs of the addict, the concerns of family and loved ones, and the best rehabilitation options available. Instead of creating distance between the addict and their support system, a professional interventionist works with all parties to build bridges. They do this because they understand that you play a pivotal role in helping a family member or loved one regain their sobriety.

Our well-trained interventionists will clearly explain their role and what everyone needs to do to help someone they care about end their addiction. We have interventionists located throughout the United States ready to help your loved one get on the path toward recovery. Many of our interventionists work with both drug and alcohol abusers. Some of our professionals even focus on specific addictions, such as heroin or opioid abuse. Since every situation is unique and every addict has different abilities, interventionists will develop an individualized plan for rehabilitation.

You may feel lost now, but there is hope. We are a national organization with a strong network of certified, top-ranked interventionists in every state that can help. We will work with you to find the best interventionist for you. Please contact us to learn about the next steps, the process of intervention, and the costs for our professional services.

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“AH&E was a wonderful and fulfilling experience, I found receiving recovery treatment to be thorough and extremely helpful towards a future in sobriety.”

Daniel M.

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“I consider myself lucky to have had an experience like I had at AHE.”

Kevin H.

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“Such a great program! Have nothing but positive things to say about my experience and would recommend it to anyone who wants to help themselves or a loved one.”

Becky F.

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“AHE has had a profound effect upon my life. I have a great deal of gratitude for all you have done for me.”

Mindy S.

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Licensed & Certified

Advanced Health’s New Jersey drug and alcohol rehab is licensed through the New Jersey Department of Human Services Office of Licensing, is a member of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers, and has received the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal for Quality in Behavioral Healthcare.

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Advanced Health and Education can help anyone recover from addiction or substance abuse. We offer customized treatment and a balanced application of support and accountability that will help you end your addiction.