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Discrete & Professional Facilities

Advanced Health & Education offers the highest quality facilities and professional staff to help you excel in your recovery.

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Advanced Health & Education Rehab Facility

We offer high-quality facilities in a comfortable, nurturing environment. Conveniently located less than an hour and a half from New York City and Philadelphia, our campus in Eatontown, New Jersey offers easy access to parks, recreation, and public transportation.

In addition to state-of-the-art medical facilities and group rooms, our clients also have access to a full range of alternative therapies, including chiropractic services, and yoga. At Advanced Health, we recognize that integrating physical health and mental health is essential to the recovery process.

Please note that service providers within the facility may not participate with the same health plans as the facility. Physician and ancillary services provided in the facility are not included in the facility’s charges.  Advanced Health and Education is an out-of-network provider that accepts assignments of benefits.

Our Healthy, Private Treatment Facility

Wellness Center 2
Private Treatment Room 1
Large Group Room 3
Wellness Center 1
Small Group Room 3
Welcome Area 2
Welcome Area 1
Small Group Room 2
Small Group Room 1
Large Group Room 1
Common Area 1
Group Room 3
Counseling room 1
Counseling Room 2
Group room 1