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Providing Pathways to Recovery

Advanced Health & Education offers a wide variety of treatment options for substance abuse and co-occurring disorders.

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Addiction Treatment Services in New Jersey

Advanced Health & Education offers many outpatient alcohol and drug rehab addiction treatment services at its facility in Eatontown, NJ. Our programs are designed to break the chains of substance abuse and addiction and to help you get your life on track. We can provide referrals for inpatient or residential addiction treatment services for anyone who needs them.

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Advanced Health participates in Monmouth County Stigma Free Advanced Health & Education is an enthusiastic participant in Monmouth County’s Proud To Be Stigma Free initiative supporting the respectful treatment of people who struggle with substance use.



Below is a list of the different treatment programs that may be available for adults and professionals.

Inpatient Referrals

Advanced Health can provide referrals to detoxification and residential alcohol and drug addiction treatment services that offer 24-hour care and support to patients. The major advantage to residential inpatient alcohol and drug rehab and treatment is the high level of supervision and care, which:

  • offers clients the opportunity to focus solely on their recovery shielded from the distractions of the outside world
  • relieves clients of the burdens of temptation present in day-to-day life
  • creates an excellent foundation for the next step in the recovery process for those clients unable to manage in a lesser level of care


Advanced Health offers multiple levels of outpatient alcohol and drug rehab and treatment programs. One of the advantages to outpatient treatment is that it gives clients the opportunity to attend therapy and counseling sessions while maintaining the more significant aspects of “regular” life (like attending work, school, and living at home).

Advanced Health offers three levels of outpatient alcohol and drug rehab and treatment programs: intensive outpatient programs, partial Care programs and non-intensive outpatient therapy.

Our Partial Care programs include:

  • 30 hours of treatment spread over 6 days, Monday to Saturday 5 hours a day
  • Counseling to create effective treatment plans setting our clients up for long term
  • Intensive Case Management Services to resolve legal and job related consequences of addiction.
  • Family involvement including education and substance abuse related counseling
  • Collaborative liaison with local Sober Living Communities to ensure clients are both safe and accountable as they move forward in the addiction recovery process.

Our Intensive Outpatient Programs (“IOP”) include:

  • Nine hours of therapy each week
  • Clients come in for three-hour sessions, three times per week as well as meeting with their counselor individually
  • Continued collaboration with families and/or sober living environments ensuring long term success through support, education and accountability
  • Depending upon clinical recommendations and insurance arrangements, IOP may last up to 16 weeks.

Following IOP, or if a less intensive program is clinically recommend, clients may
participate in non-intensive outpatient therapy, which includes:

  • Up to four hours of treatment per week, clients come in for two-hour up to two sessions, twice per week.
  • Clients see a counselor on an individual basis once a week, working on deeper issues that relate to the causes and conditions of their substance abuse further setting them up for success in their recovery and creating a fuller and more meaningful life.


Advanced Health provides referrals for detox, residential and long-term long-term substance abuse treatment programs. Detox and residential treatments vary in length and intensity as well as the components of the program. Advanced Health and Education can help you navigate this process.


After you complete your substance abuse treatment program with us – we will carefully coordinate aftercare for you with our extensive network of addiction specialists across the United States. We will identify an appropriate aftercare program in your area and work with you to develop and implement strategies to prevent relapse back into substance abuse and addiction. If you are staying in the New Jersey area we offer free aftercare for life in the form of an extensive alumni network and support groups as well as regular social events.