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Affordable Addiction Treatment

When looking for addiction treatment for you or a loved one, Advanced Health and Education’s alcohol and drug rehab can help. We offer affordable treatment solutions including:

  • Interventions
  • Detox treatment referrals
  • Substance abuse counseling
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Aftercare
  • Ongoing monitoring
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Alcohol & Drug Rehab Center NJ

Get you balance back at Advanced Health and Education

Advanced Health customizes it’s addiction treatment to meet each client’s individual needs. While attending any of our treatment programs, from our partial-hospitalization program, intensive outpatient rehab programs, to aftercare, clients have access to counselors for support in all stages of recovery while in group and individual therapies, family counseling, as well as having access to a wide variety of alternative treatment methods.

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Detox from Substance Dependence

Build your relationships again by resolving your substance issues Detox is the process of eliminating the toxins caused by substance abuse, including alcoholismheroin addictioncocaine addictionpainkiller dependence. During detox, most people experience withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms can be so uncomfortable and can trigger such strong cravings that some people believe a relapse is the only way to stop the pain. We understand. We can help you get the detox treatment you need to get through any withdrawal. Click here to learn more about detox.

  • Daniel M.“AH&E was a wonderful and fulfilling experience, I found receiving recovery treatment to be thorough and extremely helpful towards a future in sobriety.”
  • Kevin H.“I consider myself lucky to have had an experience like I had at AHE.”
  • Becky F.“Such a great program! Have nothing but positive things to say about my experience and would recommend it to anyone who wants to help themselves or a loved one.”
  • Mindy S.“AHE has had a profound effect upon my life. I have a great deal of gratitude for all you have done for me.”

Our Services

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Our admissions coordinators are waiting in our 24-hour call center to help you. Call us at 888-687-6977. We will make your admissions process as easy and straightforward as possible. More


Whatever substance is giving you trouble, we can help. We can get you the treatment you need in order to free yourself from dependence on any substance and to get clean. More


There is no reason to fear being overwhelmed by withdrawal or cravings. We can get you to the help you need to make your detox process as comfortable as possible. More


We provide customized individual and group treatment programs. Our clients can also access alternative therapies for the most complete care that we can provide. More

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