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Our Effective Therapy Options

Our Alternative Recovery and Wellness program gives you a new perspective on recovery with a highly personalized approach.

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An Alternative Approach to Recovery

We understand that every person enters recovery with unique needs and goals for recovery. For some, an experiential approach best meets these needs. If a client has tried traditional therapies in the past, a new perspective can make a difference.

Our Alternative Health & Wellness program complements our core program of addiction treatment and education to give clients a new perspective through nontraditional programming. We incorporate yoga, guided meditation, aromatherapy, somatic experiences, eastern philosophies, and mindfulness techniques to help clients feel more comfortable with treatment, and within their own bodies.


Personalized Treatment to Meet Specific Needs

As with all treatment paths at Advanced Health, our Alternative Health & Wellness track is highly personalized. We evaluate each client’s unique mental health needs, experience with treatment, goals for recovery, and level of addiction to create an individualized path for success.

Every client also receives a personalized aftercare plan to help them make a seamless transition out of treatment and into recovery. For clients who develop a passion for yoga, meditation or other activities discovered in the Alternative Health & Wellness Program, we help them develop these strategies by connecting them to resources near them.