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A Vast Network for Your Recovery

Before you can begin comprehensive recovery from addiction to drugs or alcohol, the first step is often detox. Our experienced team can connect you to high-quality resources to make this difficult phase as comfortable as possible.

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Why Should I Consider Alcohol or Drug Detox Programs?

Many addictive substances, including alcohol, lead to physical dependence. You may experience uncomfortable or even medically serious withdrawal symptoms when you initially abstain from using. The detox process helps you safely come down from drugs or alcohol so you can focus on your recovery.

While we do not offer detox programs at Advanced Health and Education, our intake and treatment professionals can connect you to the resources you need through our access to leading detox facilities in New Jersey.

Beyond Detox

After detox, we help you maintain recovery through counseling and behavioral therapies that address emotional addiction, co-occurring mental health issues and the transition from rehab to a new healthy life.

Start Your Recovery

Call our New Jersey rehab treatment center today for a free consultation. We can help place you in a professional, licensed, insurance-friendly detox program that will provide you or your loved one with the medical assistance you need to start your recovery.

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