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Are you considering rehab center in New Jersey for a loved one or for yourself? Advanced Health and Education is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation counseling center located in Eatontown, New Jersey. Our team of addiction specialists have been helping people achieve sobriety and live fuller, more meaningful lives for over 40 years throughout NY, PA and NJ. We are here to help guide you through the recovery process, offering affordable treatment options from intervention and detox through counseling and aftercare. Your search stops here for the best rehab center in NJ. Call us today for a FREE individual assessment.

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Once you’ve made the courageous decision to go into treatment, you may feel overwhelmed with all the options available to you. By calling our 24-hour call center at (888) 984-6727, we can help make the admissions process easy and straightforward.

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Are you considering treatment for a loved one or for yourself? Advanced Health and Education is a drug and alcohol addiction counseling center located in Eatontown, New Jersey. Call us today for a FREE individual assessment.

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In simplest terms a detox is the treatment to remove the body of toxins caused by using excessive amounts drugs or alcohol. A drug detox treatment will vary depending on the person’s history of use, what they’ve abused, age, and medical condition.

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What are the various rehab facilities in New Jersey?
The rehab facilities in New Jersey are very well built to ensure that patients have a comfortable stay while they get their treatment. To meet the needs of patients outside of time spent in clinical processes, rehab facilities in New Jersey offer world class gyms, spas and dining. The luxury rehabilitation center in NJ also offers full schedules of alternative therapies like yoga classes and acupuncture. To keep patient fit, luxury rehabilitation center in NJ offers workout classes including Zumba, spin class and cross-fit workouts. The rehabs in NJ go by the principal that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. With this motto, luxury rehabilitation center in NJ is built.
Are the costs of treatment for addiction high at rehab centers in New Jersey?
Although some parts of treatment may sound expensive to the patients and their families, rehab centers in New Jersey offers a large number of additional programs that are either free or are offered at little cost to patients and their families as part of their overall recovery process. Aside from this, any individual or the family may be guided to a range of various financial programs available from both current state programs as well as those from insurance providers seeking to offset costs at rehab centers in New Jersey. Various charities and non-profits also help patients at rehab centers in New Jersey who do not have insurance policies.
Does the recovery process at rehabs in New Jersey end with treatment?
No, the rehabs in New Jersey consider process of recovery an ongoing process. The team of counselors at New Jersey rehabs also help the patient recover after the treatment. We have an aftercare plan in which counselor at rehabs in New Jersey builds with input from the patients. The counselor of New Jersey rehabs plans and discuss with each patient the varied options which options will be most helpful for recovery like 1 step group, continued therapy session, sober living home and sober life coaches.
What is the process of treatment at NJ rehab centers?
At NJ rehab centers, patients are given both individual therapy as well as group counseling. A counselor at New Jersey rehabs is dedicated to each patient with whom he or she maps out the underlying causes or conditions that may be driving drug or alcohol addiction by that patient. The patient at NJ rehab centers is provided with strategies for relapse prevention. At rehabs in NJ, patients are introduced to group counseling where they find other patients just like them. This gives each patient addition motivation to remain abstinent and participate in their program of recovery after discharge from New Jersey rehab facility. At NJ rehab centers, there is also a provision for optional family program for families who have suffered due to active alcoholism or drug addiction in one family member.
How long do the patients normally stay in treatment at NJ rehabs?
At NJ rehabs, usually a patient stays for a period of 30 to 60 days during which his or her treatment take place at New Jersey rehab facility. The motto of NJ rehabs is to allow patients to adopt a lifestyle free from alcohol and addictive substances. Each patient is assigned a counselor with whom they analyze the reasons for that patient to have been using drugs or alcohol in the past or engaged in relapse behavior prior to admission at NJ rehabs. The patients also get group counseling as well at rehabs in New Jersey.
What is the process for admission at New Jersey rehab centers?
We have a 24-hour call center at New Jersey rehab centers. You can call (888)687-6977 to learn about the admission process at New Jersey rehab centers. Our team at New Jersey rehab centers will make the process of admission easy. They will help you with coordinating with your insurance company, will address any concerns and will also provide details on transportation options for you to and from our New Jersey rehab facility.
What are the various conditions which are categorized under addiction and are treated at rehab facilities in New Jersey?
The rehabs in NJ treat patients for alcohol abuse, cocaine addiction, drug abuse, crack addiction, heroin addiction, marijuana addiction, opiate addiction, painkiller addiction, and prescription drug abuse. Details are mentioned on the website. Call Advanced Health and Education adult addiction treatment center today.
What are the various detox treatments at New Jersey rehab centers?
A detox clears body of toxic substances. It is very important to remove toxic substances while rehabilitating. The various detox treatments at New Jersey rehab centers are alcohol detox, buprenorphine treatment, drug detox, methadone detox, suboxone treatment, subutex treatment and stabilization and detox.