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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center in NJ

Are you or a loved one suffering from addiction in the form of drug abuse, alcoholism or substance abuse? Are you seeking help with drug detox or alcohol detox? Are you worried about dealing with drug and alcohol withdrawal symptoms?  If you are looking for an alcohol & drug rehab center in NJ, Advanced Health and Education can help you.

Advanced Health and Education is a fully licensed substance abuse treatment & rehabilitation center located in Eatontown, New Jersey.  Our team of certified and licensed alcohol and drug addiction recovery counselors is made up of professionals who have been committed members of the substance abuse treatment community for over forty years. Our New Jersey alcohol and drug rehab center team has also successfully rehabilitated people throughout New York & Pennsylvania, helping individuals live fuller, more meaningful lives.

You can experience recovery from alcohol dependence or drug abuse by going through any one of our extensive substance abuse programs and treatments, where you can find the path to a substance free life. We offer affordable addiction recovery treatment options for all phases of the substance abuse recovery process, from interventions, through treatment, to aftercare following treatment.

Call us at our rehabilitation center in NJ at (888) 687-6977 to find out more about how we coordinate the detoxification process, and guide you though the drug and alcoholism addiction treatment options.

Alcohol and Drug Rehab Center in NJ

At Advanced Health and Education, we are proud to help clients from all walks of life to overcome substance abuse and addiction. Our goal is to create an effective and highly customized addiction recovery treatment programs based on each individual’s specific needs. During counseling sessions at our drug and alcohol rehab treatment center in New Jersey, we work with our clients to identify the best addiction treatment options to help them get the help they need to achieve rehabilitation.

Our clients have the option to participate in any of the rehab and substance abuse treatment programs at our alcohol and drug rehabilitation center in Eatontown, NJ, including our partial hospitalization program, intensive outpatient rehab program and non-intensive outpatient therapy.

Click here to learn more about our adult alcohol and drug rehab and treatment programs.

Detox from Substance Dependence

The process of detoxification can seem overwhelming and at times may feel impossible, but we have certified and licensed counselors here to provide addiction help. Our New Jersey drug and alcohol rehab center works with our clients to explain how to detox from alcohol or drugs. We will walk you through the stages of alcoholism or drug abuse and the process of detox and withdrawal.

Detox is the process by which the body eliminates the toxins caused by alcoholism, heroin addiction, cocaine addiction, painkillers dependence or addiction to other drugs. Regardless of the substance abused, when intake stops and detox begins, most people experience withdrawal symptoms.

Drug treatment programs in our addiction rehabilitation center in NJ include counseling to explain substance abuse and how it affects not only your health and livelihood, but your family and relationships.

For alcoholics/alcohol abuse, our counselors will explain what alcoholism is, alcoholism symptoms, alcohol addiction, alcohol dependence, and withdrawal symptoms.  Our treatment professionals will provide alcohol counseling and help you to identify the proper alcoholism treatment for you.

You should speak with one of our counselors before quitting alcohol or other drugs. Sometimes, “withdrawal syndrome” can be deadly.

Alcohol and tranquilizers (like sleeping pills and tranquilizers) can produce withdrawal symptoms that are life-threatening. Some of the dangerous symptoms include:

  • Grand mal seizures
  • Heart attacks
  • Stokes
  • Hallucinations
  • Delirium tremens (“DTs”)

You should see your doctor BEFORE attempting to quit alcohol or sedatives.

Even when they aren’t deadly, withdrawal symptoms can be very uncomfortable and can cause such strong cravings that people trying to get clean will relapse just to stop the pain. The addiction treatment professionals at Advanced Health and Education understand that it is hard to stop using alcohol and other drugs and can coordinate a safe and comfortable detox program for you in NJ. Call us at (888) 687-6977 and we can coordinate your addiction treatment.

What Can You Do?

Call us today for a FREE individual assessment at our rehabilitation center in New Jersey and find out what addiction treatment options may be available for you or your loved one.

Call us - 24 hours a day - at (888) 687-6977, or contact us here.

One call may be all it takes to make a brighter tomorrow and live a life free of substance dependence.

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Making the choice to go into treatment is never easy. Once you’ve made this difficult decision, you may feel overwhelmed by all the of the options available to you. Our admissions staff is available to answer any question you may have, 24-hours a day. Call us at , we can answer all of your questions and make the admissions process as easy as possible.

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Are you or a loved one suffering from problems with alcohol or other drugs? Do you worry that there might be a problem with substance abuse or addiction? Call us at for a free, confidential, thorough, and unbiased individual assessment.

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Detox is the process of eliminating toxins in the body caused by abusing alcohol or other drugs. Detox causes withdrawal symptoms that can be very uncomfortable, even deadly. Call us at and we can coordinate your detox treatment.

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Our customized treatment programs include partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, and outpatient therapy. We treat adult men and women, and professionals. Call us at to find out which program will best help you find the path to recovery.

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Why should a patient select Advanced Health and Educations drug and alcohol rehab facility in New Jersey?
Advanced Health and Educations drug and alcohol rehab center in New Jersey is a fully licensed and high quality drug or alcohol treatment and rehabilitation center in New Jersey. The team of expert treatment professionals at drug and alcohol treatment NJ has more than 40 years of experience in handling substance abuse treatment. A varied range of services like treatment, detox, intervention and aftercare is available.
What type of services are available at the drug and alcohol treatment facility in New Jersey?
There are a number of treatment programs suitable for different categories of patients. One of the services available at drug and alcohol rehab NJ is detox. Under this treatment the toxins that have caused abuse are removed from the body. Treatment programs at drug and alcohol treatment facility NJ are categorized as inpatient and outpatient. There are also many aftercare programs as well.
Where is Advanced Health and Education drug and alcohol rehab in New Jersey located?
The drug and alcohol rehab Facility NJ is located in Eatontown, New Jersey. The center is located to be convenient to most New Jersey communities. To learn more about our location and to reach the drug and alcohol rehab center NJ please call us on our toll free 24 hour helpline at (888) 687-6977. You may also write to us at
What is the admission process at drug and alcohol treatment in New Jersey?
First step is to talk to our intake coordinators at drug and alcohol rehab NJ and learn more about our programs. Then we invite you to take a tour of the facility at drug and alcohol rehab in New Jersey and feel comfortable with the surroundings. Then our experienced professionals will help you choose the best program suited for your needs.
What are the various conditions that are treated at drug and alcohol treatment in New Jersey?
Advanced Healths drug and alcohol treatment NJ treats patients suffering from alcohol addiction and abuse, heroin addiction, cocaine and crack addiction, opiate and marijuana addiction. In addition we treat painkiller and prescription drug addiction at drug and alcohol treatment facility in New Jersey.
Who should do an inpatient program at drug and alcohol rehab Facility NJ?
Inpatient treatment at drug and alcohol rehab facility in New Jersey is recommended for patients who need an initial phase of round the clock monitoring and caring in order to overcome the addiction. The patient is provided with an opportunity to focus on their recovery without the temptation and disturbances of outside world. Advanced Health and Educations drug and alcohol rehab center NJ offers the best care, treatment and a great healing environment at its center.
What factors influence the treatment and recovery of patients at drug and alcohol rehab center in New Jersey?
According to the professionals at drug and alcohol treatment facility NJ, the recovery and treatment of any patient depends on the type addiction and duration of addiction. The other factors which may influence the recovery are the physical and mental health of the patient, family status and personal and professional life. If you or your loved ones seek help in alcohol or drug addiction, call drug and alcohol treatment facility in New Jersey.
What are the signs of heroin addiction in clients who come to drug and alcohol treatment facility NJ?
Drug and alcohol rehab NJ treat patients who are addicted to drug heroin. Some of the symptoms of heroin addiction as recognized by drug and alcohol rehab in New Jersey are glassy eyes, slurred speech and flushed skin. The addict may have poor hygiene and may not be agile and active.
What are the withdrawal symptoms for patients who come for alcohol detox at drug and alcohol rehab center in New Jersey?
Depending on the individual the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal varies for patients who come for detox at drug and alcohol treatment in New Jersey. If you are mildly addicted to alcohol and stop its consumption all of a sudden, you may experience some disorder like headache, sweating and mild anxiety. If you are in a stage where alcohol is part in your life and all of a sudden you stop its consumption, you may experience disorientation and confusion, severe anxiety, profuse sweating, severe tremors, and low-grade fever. To avoid these situations, call drug and alcohol treatment NJ and get an admission. Detox program gradually withdraws you from addiction by following a number of treatments.
What facilities are available at drug and alcohol rehab Facility NJ?
Drug and alcohol rehab facility in New Jersey has world class facilities to ensure that clients feel relaxed and at ease during their course of treatment. Drug and alcohol rehab center NJ believes that physical and mental fitness goes hand in hand. Keeping this in mind, the rehab center has a gym, relaxing spa, and chiropractic services, acupuncture, and yoga classes. Athletic activities, counseling, group counseling are also available.